gerb_huWhat are the main duties of our Information-Consulting Company?

It is a kind of professional activity, which lies in the fact that a well-informed consulting agency provides necessary advice and assistance on a wide field of management issues for Russian (or CIS) businessmen on the Hungarian side and for Hungarian businessmen on Russian (or CIS) side.

International consulting for private and public organizations is economic information about firms in Hungary and Russia. Consulting includes finding solutions in business policy and forming possible partnership with desired company (-ies), data processing and analysis of client enterprises in another country, their credibility and subsequent design of specific plans in joint businesses.

Our clients theirselves decide which plan to choose for working in the host country. Our clients are going to a country with a definite plan and a real knowledge of partner companies in their market segments and prospects for this segment of trade in the future. We provide the clients with information gathering in different, legitimate ways, information on future business trips to the interests of their entreprise, or just suggest to limit the adoption of partners’ interests on own territory. Use of consulting services is one of the modern trends of the market of intellectual resources. This is due primarily to the fact that a company in any industry, one way or another is faced with problems of different plan: institutional and Visa, domestic, economic, managerial, coupled with the business structures of the host country, communication with the lawyers on a definite contract, and many others in situations where you find yourselves on a foreign territory entering into a business transaction or are just looking for a foreign partner. The best option would be to use services of the Information- Consulting Company Budapest-InfoJet-2007. Since 2007, our company is a member of the Business Club of Hungarian businessmen FÁK (CIS) at the Chamber of Commerce in Budapest. can definitly help in resolving the following issues:

Corporate events, conferences and business meetings of various kinds in Hungary:

  1. Finding places and facilities for corporate events (location scouting).
  2. Concept, planning and execution of individual tasks: forums, seminars, round table discussions, etc.
  3. Search and selection of presentators of business forums and seminars at the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest.
  4. Invitation and calling for action of business partners to targeted projects in the country in question.
  5. Organization of business events, banquets and invitation to the Hungarian official business ball.
  6. Selecting of non-customary promotional projects for targeted regions.

Marketing of information-processing and other advertisements methods in the media of Hungary and Russia.

Exhibition activity in Hungary and in various regions of Russia.logo

Organization and help in participation of business persons from Russia (and CIS countries) in business seminars and workshops in Budapest.

  1. Cultural exchange training through educational trips in Hungary and the EU countries.
  2. Intensive 2-day programs of the Connect training company.
  3. Workshops and experience exchange through partnerships in high education of Hungary, the MBA program for managers of the International Business School of the Oxford Brookes University in

Reservation of hotels with room for conferences and with Welness services, assistance in renting cars for personal travel.

Organization of transfers from airport and railway stations.

Our colleagues are ready to help you. Please, ask for assistance at following e-mail addresses:
— English and Hungarian languages:
— Russian language:

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