Industrial real estate

Industrial property sales in Hungary

The Hungarian government continues the policy of investing foreign investment and interstate cooperation
We offer to invest money in industrial property-port on the Danube »Marina»
One of the most advantageous offers is the purchase of the «Complex of Offices and Warehouses» located near Budapest. The Pest, the center of the capital, is 10 km to the west of the main metropolitan area.

The site is located in the central part of the facilities that were built in 2004 for the World Cup. The structure consists of a main frame: a sandwich panel, built-in air conditioners in the walls, with a flat roof of class «A» hall production with a connection.Functional design of 11 commercial premises. 45%; Floor area ratio max. 1.6 m2 / m2, green area min. 30%, building height max. 14.0 m.

Tender offer price of the real estate: EUR 17millio

Evaluation of the office building, yard, factory hall-area around Budapest.

The area of ​​the land: 39 107 m2

Total area net-floor: 11,090 m2

Some of the land: 7923 m2

4350 m2 closed

3300 m2 pure office space

Parking: on the plot of 267 dk. Paved surface for car parking;

From the street + 20 parking spaces (external parking / visitor).

Utilities: electricity, water, sewage connected.

Investing in the investment project of the Hungarian economy, you get not only good business, but also get a working visa for yourself, your family, and eventually your residence permit in Hungary. We give direction for the profitable implementation of industrial projects, if desired and skill in construction in Hungary:

Construction and reconstruction of housing, including utilities and energy networks;
Construction of social facilities, including: health, education, sports and tourism; Road construction;
Creation of objects of agrarian and industrial complex (cattle-breeding, pig-breeding, poultry-farming complexes);
Other projects.

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