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European Bellyness flashmob 8-9-10

Be part of the Language Parade Flashmob!

Three days in September will be the 8-10 the Parade of Dance and Foreign Languages ​​in the Millennium Park in Budapest


Varga Mihaly

Dear Visitor,
Dear Reader,

Hungary is deeply honoured that Budapest can host the Gateway to Health exhibition and the related conference.

The health industry, which has been one of the most dynamically developing economic sectors, has been characterized — besides fierce global market competition — by strong demand for international cooperation that is also necessary for research and development, the success of the pharmaceuticals industry and the introduction of new technologies.

This exhibition is a great opportunity for participants to present health industry results and achievements as well as plans for the future. In addition, this event also serves as a networking forum for partners who can thus multiply the chances of success.

Hungary’s foreign policy has been following a new direction for years: we want to bolster economic relations with Asian countries, the economies of which have managed to expand even during the crisis years. Under this policy, we place special emphasis on fostering financial and economic relations with the People’s Republic of China. This exhibition implies, given the high number of participants from the Central and Eastern European region, that more and more countries are joining us in these efforts.

As an open economy and as part of the CEE region, which is increasingly regarded as the driving engine of the EU, it is in Hungary’s best interest to facilitate cooperation in, among others, the health industry.

Hungary’s pharmaceuticals production and research sectors, which have deep historic roots, indisputably belong to global market leaders.

Mihály Varga

Official opening date: June 19, 2017 14: 00-17: 00
Location: Millennium Park Building B, 1024, Peninsula Square

I wanted to go to Australia, I got to Canada

This 18-Year-Old Thought He Had Booked A Holiday To Australia But Ended Up In Canada

Mental note: There’s more than one Sydney in the world.

Milan Schipper, a student from Vaassen in the Netherlands, headed to Australia last week to start a working holiday “enjoying the land.”

Schipper had found some super cheap flights to Sydney for less than 800 euros (USD $853) and booked them without a second thought. The only problem was his tickets were for Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada, and not Sydney, Australia.

Speaking to Canada’s CBC Radio, Schipper said he didn’t realise he was heading to Nova Scotia until he was already in Canada.

«I thought I was going to Australia but that turned out a little different,» he said.

«I was already in Toronto and the plane was really small, so I figured ‘Would that make it to Australia?'»

Once on the plane, Schipper checked the screen on the seat in front of him and saw that the flight was going to go right, and then left.

«Yeah… That was about the time that I realised there was another Sydney.»


«I felt terrible. I think I swore in my head for like 10 minutes,» he said. «But there was nothing I could do about it because I already was up in the air.»

Schipper stayed in Sydney, Nova Scotia, for only five hours. After making his way back to Toronto, he waited for 12 hours in the airport for his flight home, eventually returning to Amsterdam where his father picked him up.

Here’s a lovely picture of Nova Scotia. It’s still quite nice – but very, very different to Sydney, Australia.

Amazingly, an airline offered Schipper free tickets to the real Sydney, Australia, but he doesn’t think he’ll have time to use them.

«I’m going to start school ..


Education is the most powerful weapon

Inglis Diplom BME Hungary

BME Hungary

2015. March 02.
Twenty-one foreign students graduated from the English language programme of BME at the beginning of February.
„Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Ákos Jobbágy, Vice-rector for Education, quoted Nelson Mandela’s words at the graduation ceremony of the students of the English language programme. „The words of the statesman are especially true for engineers, who have the skills to build a better world.”
The Vice-rector emphasized the important contribution of scientists to the economies of developed countries. „Engineering science means that we teach students how to apply scientific, economical, social and practical knowledge to build and develop machines, equipment, systems, material and processes,” he pointed out. Students studying abroad, besides their qualifications, also gain a higher level of self-confidence, individuality, cultural experiences and communicational skills, which will all support them in their future careers.
“You have many years ahead of you to create the dreams that we can’t even imagine dreaming,” as László Dvorszki, Director of the International-Scientific Team quoted words of Steven Spielberg. „Why have I told this to you?” asked the leading representative of the University of Technology. The answer is that global economical and environmental problems affect all the corners of the world. We do need you, your dreams, your skills and the activity of your generation to find answers to the challenges of today and prevent problems of the future.”
Áron Ónodi congratulated the graduating students on behalf of the Student Union of the University remembering both the lighter and harder moments of their university lives. Georg Jürgen Tepfenhart said goodbye to the graduating students, wished great success for the new phases of their lives and reminded them that the „Alma Mater will always be happy to see you again!”
On behalf of the graduating students Carolina Andrea Rodriguez Balda gave a speech, she remembered the university years, the students and the professors, the difficulties of taking exams and happy moments spent with friends. She advised to her fellow students that „always trust yourselves, do never become victims of the circumstances and be active heroes of your own lives!”

László Dvorszki BME

László Dvorszki BME

In this term 21 students graduated at the faculties of Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Technology and Electrical Engineering and three of them, Carolina Rodriguez Balda, Saghar Soleyman Banai and Anders Riise Maehlum, received special certificates for their outstanding achievements. Students from South-Korea and France did not attend the ceremony because they had exams at their universities at home and therefore they had had returned to their countries.


Cooperation of faculties of mechanical engineering

Vena CIB bank

2015. March 05.
The 1st BME GPK — TUW FMB Workshop took place on 26 February at BME.
The faculties of mechanical engineering at the technical universities of Budapest and Vienna were introduced to each other. The dean and three professors from Vienna, the management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as well as the heads of departments at BME participated in the event. In addition to presentations on teaching and research activities at both ends, there was a direct meeting with the representatives of the fellow departments, as well as the verification of future opportunities for cooperation.
This means a regular meeting on one hand and the common participation in H2020-projects of the European Union on the other hand. It is also possible to extend the cooperation with the other two fellow faculties of 4TU.