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Wedding and evening dresses from the fashion designer. Individual order.

Our salon operates in Szeged, but we are mobile and have the opportunity to travel to the bride, the customer in any city in Hungary.
We design and produce designer wedding and evening dresses, we select jewelry made by hand. We professionally dress brides. We choose the most appropriate style for the expression of individuality and emphasize all its merits. We also develop personal models for individual orders.
In our salon the choice of collections is constantly expanding, and a cozy, exclusive atmosphere has permanent orders with us.
Unusual and exclusive festive and evening dresses are also available in our collection. We provide dresses for a certain time much lower in the price segment of Hungary.


A new storage for motorists.
General garage place of «condominium»
Suitable for individual garages or for parking spaces in common garages.
Capacity of the box: 2.5 m3
The security lock is locked in 3 points. Produced from fire-resistant sheet metal, with a convenient door opening spring, stands on the support of four legs.
Can be stored inside: adult bicycles, children’s bicycles, seasonal toys, car tires, fishing and other sports equipment.
A wholesale order is possible. Price: 1400€

Business properties 

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