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Varga Mihaly

Dear Visitor,
Dear Reader,

Hungary is deeply honoured that Budapest can host the Gateway to Health exhibition and the related conference.

The health industry, which has been one of the most dynamically developing economic sectors, has been characterized — besides fierce global market competition — by strong demand for international cooperation that is also necessary for research and development, the success of the pharmaceuticals industry and the introduction of new technologies.

This exhibition is a great opportunity for participants to present health industry results and achievements as well as plans for the future. In addition, this event also serves as a networking forum for partners who can thus multiply the chances of success.

Hungary’s foreign policy has been following a new direction for years: we want to bolster economic relations with Asian countries, the economies of which have managed to expand even during the crisis years. Under this policy, we place special emphasis on fostering financial and economic relations with the People’s Republic of China. This exhibition implies, given the high number of participants from the Central and Eastern European region, that more and more countries are joining us in these efforts.

As an open economy and as part of the CEE region, which is increasingly regarded as the driving engine of the EU, it is in Hungary’s best interest to facilitate cooperation in, among others, the health industry.

Hungary’s pharmaceuticals production and research sectors, which have deep historic roots, indisputably belong to global market leaders.

Mihály Varga

Official opening date: June 19, 2017 14: 00-17: 00
Location: Millennium Park Building B, 1024, Peninsula Square

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