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The Marketing Consulting Company "Budapest-InfoJet-2007" operates as a consulting firm from 2007 on, following considerable enlarging of its previous scope of activities, originally started in 1997. Our Company contributes to establishing your contacts in Hungary: full cycles, starting from 0 point (getting acquainted with your probable Hungarian partner company/-ies) and ending with closing elements (obtaining goods/commodities or having contracted a successful/fruitful investment). We help in co-ordinating financial and administrative issues both in Hungary and in Russia, through our tested and living administrative, often even certified in person contacts. We keep following generally accepted rules and measures of other EU countries, of course. Banking, credit and logistical subjects and issues are settled with our interaction fast and in a high level.

We help to make business connections for foreigners

    • Our Company » Infojet-2007-Budapest» represents the main connecting route in accomplishing business projects heading towards Russia and CIS countries from Hungary, and acts on behalf of Hungarian clients if the request appears from their part. This scheme works also in the opposite direction, if a request comes from Russian or CIS side towards promotion and advertising for Hungarian individuals, public and/or business companies.
    • Our Firm makes every effort to work in a full circle, expansively helping every business assignment in accomplishing its financial and administrative tasks and coordinating the job in question in Russian Federation (and CIS countries) and also in Hungary using all necessary commercial (and private) relations.
    • Guards Square Norilsk

      Our Budapest Office has widely prevailed in advising and working out issues corresponding to courses of action of local and state governments.

    • Opposite courses of actions: When Russian regional companies (and that of CIS countries) decide to appear on international markets; our Firm assists them in corporate marketing and positioning on appropriate business stages of both countries. This covers huge opportunities: participation on key business fairs, appearance in local and regional newspapers and journals (both printed and electronic), direct Internet mail and communication with target addressees, and much more.
    • Our Budapest Office develops and presents efficient communication strategies for private and municipal businesses proposed to be a focus for assembling of international resources and locating strategic investors and/or purchasers.
    • Our company works in partnership with local and state administrative organizations of Hungary and Russia, spreads out information broadcasts, associates with different forms of mass media, schedules marketing campaigns and utilizes inventive types of communication for delivering all necessary information to our partners and prospective Russian (and of CIS) clients.
    • Guest House Khanty Mysisk

      Most recent improvements on the Russian market appear to be virtual expositions on central portals of each region: West Siberia, Central Volga, Ural Regions, Komi and Mari Republics, and Yamal-Nenec districts. Strain is on central Internet home and/or business sites of municipal and regional administrative bodies of Russia (and of CIS countries). This promotion bears the name «Virtual Expositions of Russia». Our main positioning routine in trade communication with Russia and CIS countries goes in the course of home sites of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and that of CIS countries.

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Economic and Business News

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    Be part of the Language Parade Flashmob! Three days in September will be the 8-10 the Parade of Dance and Foreign Languages ​​in the Millennium Park in Budapest 3- CEEC-CHINA HEALTH MINISTERS’ MEETING AGENDA OF THE FIRST PART Dear Visitor, Dear Reader, Hungary is deeply honoured that Budapest can host the Gateway to Health exhibition